Submitting a manuscript

Although Penguin Random House is now one company, the publishing divisions of Penguin and Random House are separate from each other, so you must send your manuscript submission to the address below if you wish it to be considered by one of the Random House imprints (ie Knopf, Vintage Australia, Bantam, Ebury Australia, Random Romance, William Heinemann Australia).

We do accept manuscript submissions but we have a few criteria that we ask you to follow when you submit to us. We have also put together some guidelines to help when putting your proposal together so that it includes all the information you need for it to be considered properly.

First off we encourage you to know your publisher before you submit as it will help you find the right home for your work. Take some time to review the types of books on our website and Facebook page to give you a flavour of what we do best.

Children's Manuscript Submissions

Click here if you wish to submit a children's manuscript.

Adult Manuscript Submissions

Are hard copy submissions the only way I can submit?

Yes, manuscript submissions will only be accepted as a hard copy. (If later required, we will request a disk or digital file.) Please don't send your manuscript via email or on a disk as it will not be considered.

Here are the genres we accept:

  • fiction, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers
  • popular non-fiction, biography, travel narrative, popular culture, biography, memoirs
  • parenting, health, mind body and spirit, soft business and self-help, cooking, lifestyle

Here are the genres we do not accept:

  • poetry
  • educational material
  • short stories

What you need to know before submitting

Below is a list of the information we require so that we can review your submission properly

1. A covering letter that includes the following information:
  • A little about yourself and how you came to write the book
  • The target reading market for your proposed book and how your proposed book appeals to that market
  • A list of all the ways you might be able to work with Random House to promote your proposed book, including any of your relevant media or corporate contacts or other contacts that would help in publishing and marketing the book
  • Lastly don't forget to include all your contact details so we can get back to you
2. A synopsis of your proposed book
  • Keep it short, direct and straight to the core of what your manuscript is about, under one page is ideal.
3. A Sample of your work
  • A few chapters (not necessarily consecutive) or at least 50 pages on white A4 paper, double spaced, not bound. Please don't send the entire manuscript if we need more we will be in contact
4. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or POSTpak for the return of your material
  • If this is not supplied, your material will not be returned to you it will be destroyed.

Although all possible care is taken with all submissions, Random House Australia bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of materials received. Please ensure that you send copies only of materials you are submitting. Do not send original illustrations or photographs. The address for submissions is:

The Submissions Editor
Random House Australia
Level 3 100 Pacific Highway
North Sydney NSW 2060

Our response time

Due to the volume of submissions it takes approximately three to nine months for submissions to be assessed, and it may be longer depending on the volume of submissions. No acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. You will be advised in writing when your submission has been assessed. Assessment is made in order of receipt.