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Mar 2

Tips for School Visits

by Dorothy Tonkin on 2 March 2015

School visits are a great way to promote your book and they have a number of advantages over bookstore signings. Your audience is guaranteed and you can create new readers, so you're not just speaking to the converted. They are an excellent way for you to pick up valuable contacts that will help with any public events you have. 

Editing fiction is intrinsically subjective, but there are elements to every novel that most fiction editors approach in similar ways as they read the first draft of a manuscript. Simply put, these are: character development; voice (is each convincing and distinct enough?); plot (does it hang together and develop plausibly?); timeline (does it make sense?); words and constructions that might be overused; and of course the age-old ‘show rather than tell’ us.

Mar 2

Unlocking Success

by Lucy Boocock on 2 March 2015

I have been fortunate enough to work in the Sales Department at Random House for the last two years, and have enjoyed every minute. Working as a Key Account Manager is an incredibly exciting job.

Running a competition is a great way to reward your fans and build excitement and buzz, but there are many rules you may not be aware of for even the simplest competition. Here’s a quick run-down on running a competition.