Geoffrey Wolff

Geoffrey Wolff graduated in 1961 from Princeton University summa cum laude, studied as a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University, and has since taught at Prrinceton, and Istanbul University. He has been the literary critic of the Washington Post, Newsweek and New Times, and has written for many other periodicals, among them Atlantic Monthly. A Senior Fellow of the National Endowment for Humanities and a Guggenheim Fellow, he is the author of four novels, Bad Debts (1969), The Sightseer (1974), Inklings (1978) and Providence (1986)

He is also the author of the highy acclaimed The Duke of Deception (Vintage), the irresistable and touching memoir of his father, about which Richard Forde wrote: 'as pretty and winning a book on as serious a subject as you'll find in contemporary American writing' (Sunday Times).

Books by Geoffrey Wolff