Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon grew up in a very booky house, with two librarian parents, in a small town by the sea on the north-west coast of Tasmania. In 2009, Kate was the recipient of a Varuna writer's fellowship. Her first book, Three Things About Daisy Blue - a young adult novel about travel, love, self-acceptance and letting go - was published in the Girlfriend series by Allen & Unwin in 2010.

Now Kate lives with her husband and her very strange cat, Mephy Danger Gordon. Every morning, while Kate writes, Mephy Danger sits behind her on the couch with his tail curled around her neck. Kate was the recipient of a 2011 Arts Tasmania Assistance to Individuals grant, which means she can now spend more time losing herself in the world of Thylas and Sarcos.

Author Lives In: Tasmania

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This blog is part of a series. Read the previous article here > This was my aeroplane-home-from-Sydney-staving-off-depression-at-coming-back-to-the-real-world treat. I did have three macadamia and white chocolate biscuits also, but they were nowhere near as sweet as this book. A BRIEF HISTORY OF MONTMARAY was, in fact, the loveliest, most delectable, most un-putdownable, delicious...

THE KIDS HAVE SPOKEN! We are excited to announce that 5 of our books are on the Children’s Choice Book Awards shortlist for 2012! These books have been nominated by students in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and NT, across 4 different categories (Fiction for Years 7-9, Fiction for Older Readers, Fiction for Younger Readers and Picture Storybooks) Our shortlisted books are: •            ...

Books by Kate Gordon

  • Vulpi, Kate Gordon 4 stars 2 comments
    by Kate Gordon

    Published: 02/04/2012

    A daughter of evil. A renegade shapeshifter. A defiant friend. Who is the most dangerous?

  • Thyla, Kate Gordon 5 stars 1 comments
    by Kate Gordon

    Published: 01/04/2011

    Thyla is a story of Tasmania: of darkness, of convicts, of devils and tigers, and of promises that stay true through the centuries. It is the story of what happened to Cat, and what Tessa really is.