Martin Waddell

Martin Waddell is one of the best-known writers of children's picture books, although, he writes all kinds of stories for children. His books used to be published under two names: Martin Waddell and Catherine Sefton, but now they are all published under the name Martin Waddell. He has lived in Newcastle, County Down, for most of his life. Philippe Dupasquier was born in Switzerland and studied art in France. His French background and training have influenced his own art form, the high quality comic strip, which is very popular on the Continent and formed the bulk of his reading as a child.

Books by Martin Waddell

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    Captain Small Pig
    by Martin Waddell & illustrated by Susan Varley

    Published: 01/04/2010

    Paperback edition of this charming story from the author of Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? with evocative illustrations from the illustrator of Badger's Parting Gifts.