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Phil Stutz graduated from City College in New York and received his MD from New York University. He worked as a prison psychiatrist on Rikers Island and then in private practice in New York before moving his practice to Los Angeles in 1982.

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The team at Random House Australia need to fulfil their potential. Well, we all do really! Don’t we? So, what better way to find and fulfil that potential than to start by reading the new book by Hollywood’s acclaimed psychiatrists, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, aptly named THE TOOLS. Five unsuspecting staff members were asked to read about a tool, and then over the course...

Jun 1

What Is A Tool?

by Phil Stutz on 1 June 2012

In conventional psychotherapy, we talk about “insights” or “causation” and we tend to believe that if we can uncover the deep-seated reasons behind someone’s problems, then the person will change automatically. This implies that awareness alone creates the forces that cause change. But real change, the kind of change patients in therapy cry out for, means changing...

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