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Tessa Hadley is the author of six highly praised novels, Accidents In The Home, which was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, Everything Will Be All Right, The Master Bedroom, The London Train, Clever Girl and The Past and two collections of stories, Sunstroke and Married Love. She lives in London and is Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. Her stories appear regularly in the New Yorker and other magazines.

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Congratulations to the following authors who were listed in the New York Times Notable Books of 2012 list for their books.

Books by Tessa Hadley

  • The Past, Tessa Hadley 3 stars 1 comments
    The Past
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/07/2016

    Rivalry, unruly desire and ugly secrets poison a family holiday in Tessa Hadley’s latest novel

  • Clever Girl, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    Clever Girl
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/03/2014

    One woman’s life, from childhood to middle age, by Britain’s most acute, perceptive novelist of ordinary lives

  • Married Love, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    Married Love
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 02/01/2013

    Married Love is a wonderful new collection of short stories from Tessa Hadley.It is a collection to treasure, a masterful new work from one of the most accomplished storytellers of today.

  • The London Train, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    The London Train
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 01/03/2012

    A compelling and beautifully written new novel from the acclaimed Tessa Hadley: a remarkable portrayal of a man and woman whose lives collide on the Cardiff to London train.

  • The Master Bedroom, Tessa Hadley 4 stars 2 comments
    The Master Bedroom
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/09/2008

    A marvellous third novel by a writer described by the Guardian as a 'rare and startling gem'.

  • Sunstroke and Other Stories, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    Sunstroke and Other Stories
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/01/2008

    After just two novels, Accidents in the Home and Everything Will Be All Right, Tessa Hadley has established herself as one of the most perceptive and entertaining writers in Britain, ‘a rare and startling gem’ whose writing is ‘fantastically subtle, absorbing and insightful’ (Guardian). Sunstroke is her first collection of stories.

  • Everything Will Be All Right, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    Everything Will Be All Right
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/03/2005

    The acclaimed second novel from the author of The London Train.

  • Accidents In The Home, Tessa Hadley 0 stars 0 comments
    Accidents In The Home
    by Tessa Hadley

    Published: 15/03/2003

    'Spectacular - rich, lush and intricate as an Oriental rug' Observer