Tim Willocks

Tim Willocks is a novelist, screenwriter and producer. He was born in Cheshire in 1957 and has lived in London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, County Kerry, and Rome. After qualifying as a doctor from University College Hospital Medical School, he went on to specialize in psychiatry and addiction. Translated into twenty languages, his novels include The Religion - the first novel to feature Mattias Tannhausaer - Bad City Blues, and Green River Rising. He has worked with major Hollywood directors, dined at the White House and holds a black belt in Shotokan karate. His new book, The Twelve Children of Paris, also featuring Tannhausaer, is set during the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572.

Books by Tim Willocks

  • The Twelve Children of Paris, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    The Twelve Children of Paris
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 15/06/2014

    The thrilling, bloody and glorious new novel, from the master of the epic tale, Tim Willocks, author of The Religion

  • Green River Rising, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    Green River Rising
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 15/04/2014

    'Green River Rising is a stunner - and may be the best prison novel ever' JAMES ELLROY. For fans of The Prophet, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Rock.

  • The Religion, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    The Religion
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 16/04/2013

    Think Gladiator and Game of Thrones with a main character akin to 007 set against the backdrop of the greatest war known to man. This is a gripping action packed adventure.Our hero, Mattias Tannhauser is a real man: confident, tall, craggily good looking, morally upstanding and a lethal killing machine.

  • Bad City Blues, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    Bad City Blues
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 31/08/2012

  • Doglands, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 01/03/2012

    Tim Willocks offers his first tale for young adults, an allegorical examination of human life through a dog's eyes, infused with heart, heroism, and the mysteries of the spirit.

  • Bloodstained Kings, Tim Willocks 0 stars 0 comments
    Bloodstained Kings
    by Tim Willocks

    Published: 29/02/2012