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From attending shooter training, to simulating attacks and tying people up, these are just some of the things crime authors such as Karin Slaughter and Jaye Ford do in the name of research . . . 

The Writers` Academy`s next 10-week long Creative Writing for Beginners course starts on 22nd September with course leader, Selina Walker, one of Random House`s most experienced editors. We’ve had the pleasure of asking Selina about her experience as an editor and what top tips for writers she would have.

Between now and Christmas, sport will be all over us like dirt on a pig . . . Bruce Venables author of SCATTERED MONKEYS, shares his hilarious observations on men and their obsession with watching sport over reading a good book.





It was Ernest Hemingway who said the best way to avoid writer’s block is to stop writing when you’re going well and when you know what will happen next. While author, Terry Pratchett, believes there’s no such thing as writer’s block. Who’s right? We decided to ask four of our local Australian authors about what they do when they just can’t get the words out on the page.

Is literacy falling, at least partly, because books don’t have the primacy they once did in many children’s lives?  Nick Earls author of ANALOGUE MEN, shares his observations on falling literacy in a digital age. 

Is it time to 'man up?' We've asked four male authors their views on men watching sport vs. reading and the falling literacy levels in Australia, here's what they had to say . . .

I approached this book with trepidation. A story about the death of a little girl; the grief of a mother, a father, siblings; the rippling after-effect of this tragedy on the lives of a loving Mormon family – the very premise made me sad. But A SONG FOR ISSY BRADLEY turned out to be an absolutely worthwhile read. The book was moving, comforting, sometimes quite funny, and totally gripping.

Jul 25

From Blog to Book

by Random House Australia on 25 July 2014

One could say that writing a blog is pretty similar to writing a book. It’s an exercise of diligence that takes not just effort but a lot of time. And many bloggers don’t realise that, after a few years blogging, they’re probably sitting on enough content for a book! Still, the transition from blog to book isn’t easy . . . where do you start, how much new content do you need, how do you keep up your blog as well as produce a book? Three of our authors have tackled this arduous task and successfully made the transition from blogger to author. Read more about their blogs (and books) below.

FACT or FICTION? This criminal case from Atlanta could be a real crime or fiction take from one of Karin Slaughter's chilling thrillers. What do you think?

As a child, Book Week was a big event at our house because my mum was a school librarian. It was a time of mixed emotions: joy – seeing my mum dressed up as The Cat in the Hat (what child doesn’t enjoy watching an adult being silly?); embarrassment – do I really have to wear this?; and the excitement of a tiny brush with fame – being photographed by the newspaper in my Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz* outfit.