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'Without picture books to entertain and delight our children, we’d never have adult readers I’m sure.' Laura Harris, Penguin Young Readers Publishing Director

BookShots are short, high-impact stories by James Patterson and other writers that can be read in one sitting. Each and every one is fast-paced, 100% story-driven; a shot of pure and satisfying entertainment. 

Trust, truth, memory, secrets, voyeurism, motherhood and the judgements we make are all explored in Paula HawkinsTHE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. It can be confronting subject matter for many of us – this is why it makes an inspired book club selection. Take a look at our reading group questions below and get the conversation started.

ICE LETTERS covers themes of love and duty, war and peace, courage and cowardice. The intertwined stories of Dora and Daniel reveal conflicts – emotional and physical – and explore the sometimes devastating consequences of the choices people make.

Skip the coffee mug this year, Mum doesn't need another one. And those flowers? Well they're not going to last. We'll never say no to chocolate, but it's more of an everyday gift, right? This Mother's Day, Say it with Words.

Deborah Rodriguez, author of RETURN TO THE LITTLE COFFEE SHOP OF KABUL and THE LITTLE COFFEE SHOP OF KABUL, answers our burning questions.

In the spellbinding sequel to the international bestseller THE LITTLE COFFEE SHOP OF KABUL, Deborah Rodriguez reunites readers with many of the compelling characters. The incredible stories of six women, on opposite sides of the earth, yet forever joined by a café in Kabul, reveal strength and courage in a world where happily-ever-afters aren't as simple as they seem.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, the gripping story of love, obsession and murder has been a runaway success, smashing nearly all the records by selling an astonishing 8 million copies worldwide, and occupying the No. 1 spot on the UK hardback chart for 20 weeks, the longest any book has ever hold the top position.

Paula Hawkins the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN answers five questions about her brilliant debut thriller and her writing career.

Penguin Random House today announced that they were delighted to be publishing Stephanie Alexander’s first new book since 2012. THE COOK'S TABLE, will be published in November 2016.