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Take a look at the new releases below and you’ll see why. Murder-mysteries, conspiracies, gang wars, cryptic messages and creepy characters, these are some Scandinavian spine-chillers for the hot summer nights ahead.

We have a stunning line-up of crime and thriller books this month that are sure to keep you up and reading through the night: James Patterson’s MURDER HOUSE headlines a stunning list that includes a new thriller by Robert Harris and the gripping final book by Ruth Rendell.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is the gripping story of a woman who sees something shocking from the train window one morning and begins her own murder investigation. Keep reading for a sample from this brilliant debut thriller by Paula Hawkins.

The recurring themes of Sebastian Faulks's fiction are here brought together with a new stylistic brilliance as the novel casts a long, baleful light over the century we have left behind but may never fully understand. Daring, ambitious and in the end profoundly moving, WHERE MY HEART USED TO BEAT is Faulks's most remarkable book yet.

Delve deep into time with these evocative and exciting historical fiction novels. Set against a vast array of bygone backdrops - from the beautiful untouched outback of early 19th century Australia to a Europe ravaged by World War II – there’s something for everyone in these brilliant stories.

Read a review of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Grace from the Co-Op bookshop and find out why this debut thriller by Paula Hawkins is fast becoming the the must-read book to kick off 2015.

Congratulations to the Penguin Random House authors longlisted for the William Hill Australia Best Australian Sports Book.

James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author, which when you really think about it, that's a huge accomplishment!  His first book THE THOMAS BERRYMAN NUMBER was first published in 1976 and since then he's gone on to write and co-write many adults and children's books. Below are just some of the highlights of his amazing career.

Sep 21

Must-Read Memoirs

by Random House Australia on 21 September 2015

Here are some highly recommended memoirs, each a fascinating window into someone else’s life and times.

'There is certainly no rational reason why an increasingly diverse, modern Australia needs to cling to this ancient aristocratic bloodline from the other side of the world to provide our head of state,' writes historian David Hill in his book AUSTRALIA AND THE MONARCHY. 'But whatever the appeal, Australian interest in and appetite for the British royal family show no sign of ending soon.'