I Don't Know How She Does It

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A comedy about failure, a tragedy about success, I Don't Know How She Does It is the untold story of the professional working mum at the start of the 21 st century. Without a doubt the hottest thing since BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY, but think Bridget Jones's grownup, sophisticated, literary sister with two small children and a full-time City career and you're only partway to the genius of this novel.

I Don't Know How She Does It, Allison Pearson

A victim of time famine, thirty-five-year-old Kate counts seconds like other women count calories. As she runs between appointments, through her head spools the crazy tape-loop of every high-flying mother's life: client reports, bouncy castles, Bob The Builder, transatlantic phone calls, dental appointments, pelvic floor exercises, flights to New York, sex (too knackered), and stress-busting massages she always has to cancel (too busy). Factor in a controlling nanny, a chauvinist Australian boss, a long-suffering husband, two demanding children and an e-mail lover, and you have a woman juggling so many balls that some day soon something's going to hit the ground. Pearson brings her sharp wit and compassionate intelligence to this hilarious and, at times, piercingly sad study of the human cost of trying to Have It All. Women everywhere are already talking about the Kate Reddy column which appears weekly in the Daily Telegraph, and recommending it to their sisters, mothers, friends and even their bewildered partners. This fictional debut by one of Britain's most gifted journalists is the subject of a movie deal with Miramax rumoured to be for almost $ 1 million and has sold around the world, sparking bidding wars in Spain, Germany and Japan. Everyone is getting Reddy for Kate.

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    ISBN: 9780099428381
    Published: 01/05/2003
    Imprint: Vintage
    Extent: 400 pages
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    ISBN: 9781409000792
    Published: 04/01/2011
    Imprint: Vintage Digital
    Extent: 400 pages
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Allison Pearson

Allison Pearson

Allison Pearson was born in South Wales. An award-winning journalist, she was named Newcomer of the Year at the British Book Awards for her first novel, I Don't Know How She Does It. Allison has written for many magazines and newspapers including the Independent on Sunday, Observer, the Sunday Times and the London Evening Standard. She is a contributing editor to Harper's Bazaar and, for four years, she was the popular Wednesday columnist of the Daily Mail. Allison is now a staff writer at the Daily Telegraph. She lives with her family in Cambridge.