A Matter Of Death And Life

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'Kurkov is hugely talented. Truly very funny' -Time Out

A Matter Of Death And Life, Andrey Kurkov

Marital troubles?

Sick of life?

Suicide the answer?

Why not get yourself a contract killer?

Nothing easier, provided you communicate only by phone and box number. You give him your photograph, specify when and where to find you, then sit back and prepare to die.

Murdered, you will be of greater interest than ever you were in life. More to him than met the eye will be the judgment. A mysterious killing lives long in the popular memory.

Our hero meticulously plans his own demise, except for one detail: what if he suddenly decides he wants to live?

Available Formats

  • Paperback
    $19.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9780099461586
    Published: 01/05/2006
    Imprint: Vintage
    Extent: 112 pages
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"Kurkov's eye for the absurdities of Ukrainian life is as sharp as ever" - Sunday Telegraph

"A perfectly balanced read" - Scotland on Sunday

"A brilliant black comedy" - Evening Standard

"Excellent... Blackly comic. Remarkable" - New York Times

"Kurkov conjures up both Gogol and Dostoevsky... Genuinely original" - Scotsman

"Kurkov is a fine satirist and a real, blackly comic find" - Observer

"Kurkov's writing is highly addictive" - Punch

"There's a pleasing conceit at the dark heart of this novella" - Metro

"A dark humorous book that delivers Kurkov's best" - Good Book Guide