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The tie-in edition of the critically acclaimed novel. Uplifting and heartwarming, Trash is a story that will touch the world.

Trash, Andy Mulligan


Raphael is a dumpsite boy. He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming Trash, sifting it, sorting it, breathing it, sleeping next to it.

Then one unlucky-lucky day, Raphael's world turns upside down. A small leather bag falls into his hands. It's a bag of clues. It's a bag of hope. It's a bag that will change everything.

Soon Raphael and his friends Gardo and Rat are running for their lives. Wanted by the police, it takes all their quick-thinking and fast-talking to stay ahead. As the net tightens, they uncover a dead man's mission to put right a terrible wrong.

And now it's three street boys against the world...

Available Formats

  • Paperback
    $17.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9781909531338
    Published: 02/02/2015
    Imprint: Definitions (Young Adult)
    Extent: 240 pages
  • Paperback
    $17.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9781909531130
    Published: 01/08/2014
    Imprint: Definitions (Young Adult)
    Extent: 224 pages
  • eBook
    ISBN: 9781409098119
    Published: 01/09/2010
    Imprint: RHCP Digital
    Extent: 240 pages
  • CD
    $45.00 RRP
    ISBN: 9781846577499
    Published: 15/04/2011
    Imprint: RHCP Audio
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"One of the most exciting and original novels of the year . . . It's a tight, thrilling story, told from various characters' perspectives and has a Slumdog, feel-good pulse beating through it. A genuine treasure find" - Sally Morris, Daily Mail

"One of my favourite novels of 2010, now in paperback with a new cover look. Reminiscent of Slumdog Millionaire, three dumpsite boys take on the world in this gripping and intensely moving story . . . Harrowing, exhilarating, humbling and quite brilliant" - Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

"Outstanding, hotly anticipated thriller . . . an exceptionally satisfying plot" - Amanda Craig, The Times

"Great stuff: taut, plausible and thought-provoking" - Toby Clements, Daily Telegraph

"Trash is a thriller with moral weight and a complex structure . . . Without ever moralising, Mulligan raises issues of corruption, poverty, waste and excess in an exciting, but also grimly sad tale" - Suzi Feay, Financial Times

"Wonderful - an exciting story with engaging characters told in a clever way with spare but lyrical prose . . . Trash comes highly recommended by me, and I don't have time to say any more about it because I'm off to read it again. And after that, I might read it again. And then again. You read it too" - The Bookbag

"A superbly original tale" - Natasha Harding, The Sun

"This is a highly entertaining and very satisfying book which should be recommended to all. It needs to be read." - Marilyn Brocklehurst, The Bookseller

"Harrowing, exhilarating, humbling and quite brilliant" - The Bookseller

"Headlong and heart-stopping, this is an adventure you just can't put down" - Julia Eccleshare, Love Reading 4 Kids

Andy Mulligan

Andy Mulligan

Andy Mulligan was brought up in the south of London. He worked as a theatre director for ten years before travels in Asia prompted him to retrain as a teacher. He has taught English and drama in India, Brazil, the Philippines and the UK. He now divides his time between London and Manila.