The Tale Of The Body Thief: The Vampire Chronicles 4

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Electrifying, erotic, terrifying - the fourth book in the Vampire Chronicles is as rich, as violent, as sensual as the three runaway bestsellers that preceded it.

The Tale Of The Body Thief: The Vampire Chronicles 4, Anne Rice

1992. Miami. Lestat, Vampire-hero, rockstar, seducer of millions - is desperate to be free from the nightmare of his own immortality. Lestat yearns to be reborn a man, to think and feel and breathe like a mortal to walk in the sun, to regain his soul, and in a search for a return to mortality, travels through many lands and many times, from the New Orleans of today to 19th-century London, from 18th-century Amsterdam to the Amazon jungles. And all the while he is stalked by the one living being - the body thief - who covets Lestat's power and immortality and is only too eager too give him what he wants - his own mortal body. Lestat, ignoring the warnings of those he trusts, ultimately surrenders his vampire body. The body thief vanishes. Chaos ensues and the newly mortal Lestat is left to discover what he has forgotten - the anguish of being human - the suffering, the weakness, the fragility of the ordeal of human life.

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"Supernatural horror that seems to have everything - passions, originality, imagination, narrative power, kinky sexuality and a superbly drawn otherworldly protagonist" - The Washington Post

"An enchanting tale" - Publishers Weekly

Anne Rice

Anne Rice

Anne Rice is the author of more than thirty internationally bestselling books including ‘The Mayfair Witches' sequence, ‘The Songs of the Seraphim' and, most recently, ‘The Wolf Gift Chronicles'. The phenomenon that became ‘The Vampire Chronicles' started with Interview with a Vampire in 1976, later made into a film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and culminated with Blood Canticle in 2003. Prince Lestat is the first new Vampire Chronicle novel for over a decade. Anne Rice lives in California.