Children's Birthday Cake Book - Vintage Edition

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Children's Birthday Cake Book - Vintage Edition, The Australian Women's Weekly

Australia's most famous children's cake book -reprinted in a collector's edition.The Australian Women's Weekly's Children'sBirthday Cake Book was first published in 1980and has sold more than half a million copies. Inresponse to all the requests we have had, oftenfrom mothers who remember fondly all the cakesfrom their own childhood, we have taken thisbook from our archives and reprinted it 30 yearsafter it first appeared. We have had to make aminor change - four of your little friends aremissing, but they've been replaced by other cakesyou'll love just as much. Apart from that we'veleft it just as it was - a true collectors' cookbookespecially for you. Now you can recreate yourfavourite cakes - the swimming pool, rocket andthat train from the cover for your own child.

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    ISBN: 9781742450582
    Published: 01/03/2011
    Imprint: ACP Miscellaneous
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The Australian Women's Weekly

The Australian Women's Weekly

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