Refresh, Refresh

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Subject: Short stories
Refresh, Refresh, Benjamin Percy

‘The stories in Refresh, Refresh are big-hearted and drunk and dangerous, and there's a heightened, unnerving vibe as you travel through Percy's world. You never know where you will end up … but you can be sure that he'll actually take you somewhere.'Dan Chaon Here is the United States of today. The young men and boys in this bold, fiery collection do the unthinkable to prove to themselves – to everyone – that they are strong enough to face the heartbreak in this world. The war in Iraq empties the small town of Tumalo, Oregon, of fathers, leaving their sons to fight among themselves. There is a bear on the loose, a house with a basement that opens up into a cave and a nuclear meltdown that renders the Pacific Northwest into a contemporary Wild West.‘Benjamin Percy moves instinctively toward the molten center of contemporary writing, the place where genre fiction … overflows its boundaries and becomes something dark and grand and percipient. These stories contain a brutal power and are radiant with pain—only a writer of surpassing honesty and directness could lead us here.' Peter Straub

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    ISBN: 9781407014050
    Published: 01/09/2010
    Imprint: Vintage Digital
    Extent: 272 pages
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"... throughout the collection, Percy displays a steely mastery as he explores and defines the unexpected dangers and fresh fears of this new century." - Jane Ciabattari, Los Angeles Times

"Percy is a talented writer whose best work already achieves an astonishing intensity. Anyone interested in fresh American fiction will be awaiting his next work with great anticipation." - Roberta Silman, The Boston Globe