Beautiful Lies

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London, 1887. In a momentous year dogged by economic crisis, riots and a voracious press hungry for scandal - how can one MP's wife bury the truth about her past?

Beautiful Lies, Clare Clark

It is 1887, and an unsettled London prepares to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Maribel, beautiful bohemian wife of maverick political Edward Campbell Lowe and self-proclaimed Chilean heiress educated in Paris, debates how to make her own mark on the world, while experimenting with the new art of photography. However, the wife of an outspoken member of parliament, whose views inspire enmity and admiration in equal measure, should not be hiding the kind of secrets Maribel has buried in her past.

When a notorious newspaper editor beings to take an uncommon interest in her, Maribel fears he will destroy not only Edward's career but both of their reputations.

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    ISBN: 9780099570462
    Published: 15/06/2013
    Imprint: Vintage
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"A captivating fable of truth and memory" - New York Times

"A shining example of historical literary fiction... Nothing less than literary pyrotechnics...a dazzingly elegant novel steeped in the rich detail of the period" - Lucy Scholes, Independent

"Clare Clark is one of those writers who can see into the past and help us feel its texture" - Hilary Mantel

"A stirring and seductive novel" - The Economist

"[A] beautifully crafted piece of Victoriana…a satisfying blend of period melodrama and psychological sharpness" - Adrian Turpin, Financial Times

"A distinctive portrait of Victorian London... Clark very delicately spins out the parallels with today" - Scotsman

"A wonderfully observed novel which explores both the role of women and the tabloid press in Victoria's jubilee year. Completely gripping" - Rosie Boycott

"Sentences that are so lush, so beautifully finished, that one almost wants to stroke her prose" - Judith Flanders, Guardian

"A hugely entertaining and generous piece of story-telling" - James Walton, Daily Mail

"Clark works on a large canvas to tell her story and Beautiful Lies is rich in character, event and period detail, but it is the compelling evocation of its heroine’s predicament that stays in the memory" - Nick Rennison, Sunday Times