The Food Of Italy

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A fully illustrated updated 25th anniversary edition of Claudia Roden's masterpiece cookbook

Subject: Cookery
The Food Of Italy, Claudia Roden

Like Elizabeth David, Claudia Roden can write about anything. Whether it's Middle Eastern, Spanish or Italian food, she is the cook to turn to.

She is world renowned for her classic books like Arabesque and the Book of Jewish Food. These draw on her Egyptian Jewish roots so it's no wonder Middle Eastern chefs like Ottolenghi are among her biggest fans.

But it is interesting to see that Russell Norman of Polpo cites Food of Italy as his favourite cookbook. Polpo is very cool, very modern, very Italian and yet still Claudia Roden's classic is his go-to cookbook.

Food of Italy was first published 25 years ago next year. But the recipes are so fresh yet timeless they are hard to date. For this edition she has updated over 30% of the recipes to fit modern tastes with new inclusions like farro salad and burrata.

The book is structured by region. So you get the glorious tomato and aubergine dishes of Sicily; the classically Roman dishes like salty meat and fried vegetables, and rich Tuscan stews and soups, and so on. With over 300 short recipes it is an incredible repertoire, and it is completely approachable for home cooks.

This fully illustrated edition includes recipe photos as well as local Italy scenes. This is the first time it has had photos since it was originally published.

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    ISBN: 9780224096010
    Published: 01/04/2014
    Imprint: Square Peg
    Extent: 432 pages
  • Trade Paperback
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    ISBN: 9780099273257
    Published: 08/01/1999
    Imprint: Vintage
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"Timeless... Completely approachable for home cooks" - Daily Telegraph

"So much more than a catch-all Italian cookbook. Claudia's writing puts the romance back into ubiquitous dishes such as panzanella and bolognese, and gives context to classic flavour combinations and techniques we take for granted... It's time to fall back in love with Italian mama food, guided by the mama of cookery writing and food anthropology" - Eve O'Sullivan, Guardian

"‘My favourite cookbook is Claudia Roden’s Food of Italy. Her writing is wonderful and she is incredibly thorough. I love this book in particular.’" - Russell Norman, Polpo