Philosophy In The Garden

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Why did Marcel Proust have bonsai beside his bed? What was Jane Austen doing, coveting an apricot? How was Friedrich Nietzsche inspired by his 'thought tree'?

Subject: Philosophy
Philosophy In The Garden, Damon Young

In Philosophy in the Garden, Damon Young explores one of literature's most intimate relationships: authors and their gardens. For some, the garden provided a retreat from workaday labour; for others, solitude's quiet counsel. For all, it played a philosophical role: giving their ideas a new life.

Philosophy in the Garden
reveals the profound thoughts discovered in parks, backyards and pot-plants. It does not provide tips for mowing overgrown cooch grass, or mulching a dry Japanese maple. It is a philosophical companion to the garden's labours and joys.

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    ISBN: 9780522857139
    Published: 03/12/2012
    Imprint: Melbourne University Press
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    Published: 03/12/2012
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"Reading this book is like strolling in a luxuriant garden with an erudite friend …" - The Age

"Fluent and stylish and never marred by cliches or cliched thinking..." - The Australian

"A touching, delightful book...Every chapter is a succinct and pleasing discovery." - The Courier-Mail

"A stimulating read…packed with brilliant literary info." - The West Australian

"This is a gardening book that takes readers not on a walk around great estates but on a tour of great this touching, delightful book, we discover how thinking, sensitive human beings in history did their best work in nature." - Julie Thomson, The Courier-Mail

"Reading Young's book is like taking a long stroll with a charming and expansive friends in the cool of a summer evening." - Miriam Cosic, The Weekend Australian