Are You Seeing Me?

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This road trip will have earth-shattering consequences . . .

Book Setting: Brisbane, Australia; Okanagan, Canada; Seattle, USA
Are You Seeing Me?, Darren Groth

This road trip will have earth-shattering consequences . . .

Twins Justine and Perry are about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest.

It's been a year since they watched their dad lose his battle with cancer. Now, at only nineteen, Justine is the sole carer for her disabled brother. But with Perry having been accepted into an assisted-living residence, their reliance on each other is set to shift. Before they go their separate ways, they're seeking to create the perfect memory.

For Perry, the trip is a glorious celebration of his favourite things: mythical sea monsters, Jackie Chan movies and the study of earthquakes.

For Justine, it's a chance to reconcile the decision to ‘free' her twin, to see who she is without her boyfriend, Marc – and to offer their mother the chance to atone for past wrongs.

But the instability that has shaped their lives will not subside, and the seismic event that Perry forewarned threatens to reduce their worlds to rubble . . .

‘A funny and beautiful story about love, life and other disasters, told with the help of Robinson Crusoe and Jackie Chan. I think what we're “seeing” here is a writer at the top of his game. Just wonderful.' MICHAEL GERARD BAUER, author of The Running Man

WINNER, Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature - Young Adult Fiction 2016
SHORTLISTED, Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year - Older Readers 2015
SHORTLISTED, Prime Minister's Literary Awards - Young Adult Fiction 2015
SHORTLISTED, NSW Premier's Literary Awards Ethel Turner Prize for Young People's Literature 2015

SHORTLISTED, Queensland Literary Awards Griffith University Young Adult Book Award 2015
SHORTLISTED, Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - Young Adult 2016
SHORTLISTED, Children's Peace Literature Award 2015

SHORTLISTED, Governor General's Literary Award - Children's Literature (Text) 2015 (Canada)
SELECTED, IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2015
SELECTED, White Raven 2015 (International Youth Library)

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    ISBN: 9780857984739
    Published: 01/08/2014
    Imprint: Woolshed Press
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    ISBN: 9780857984746
    Published: 01/08/2014
    Imprint: RHA eBooks Child
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"Are You Seeing Me? is written powerfully with both the heart and the head, and neither gives an inch. It’s funny, moving and hugely insightful. Darren Groth puts the reader into the heads of Perry and Justine in a way that feels so true and so revealing that I think I’ve come away with a greater capacity for empathy. I didn’t know a book could do that. We all need to spend some time inside this story." - Nick Earls, author of CBCA Book of the Year 48 SHADES OF BROWN

"A funny and beautiful story about love, life and other disasters, told with the help of Robinson Crusoe and Jackie Chan. I think what we’re “seeing” here is a writer at the top of his game. Just wonderful." - Michael Gerard Bauer, author of CBCA Book of the Year THE RUNNING MAN

"The impact of Darren Groth’s charming new Young Adult novel Are You Seeing Me? should be seismic. If it doesn’t cause a major publishing tremor similar to that caused by The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, I swear I’ll watch Jackie Chan movies back to back for a week . . . I laughed a lot and cried buckets as I guzzled this gorgeous and deeply affecting book. You and every young adult you know should read it!" -

"I loved that it allowed us to see the lives of people who don't always get a lot of portrayal in books and in everyday life: the people who sacrifice themselves for others and those who have things sacrificed for them. When I finished this book, I closed it, and then I cried, because it was so beautiful, so ugly and sweet and harsh and lovely . . . It was a slow, beautiful amalgamation of emotion and loss and I loved it." - Anneka, age 17, Random House Book Buddies

"The story is amazing, it truly captures the mind of someone living with a mental disability and getting to hear the story through both protagonist's eyes and minds really gives you an understanding into how both characters react and behave to different situations. I couldn't put the book down, it certainly encapsulated my full attention right up until the nail-biting finish." - Chloe, age 18, Random House Book Buddies

"A very profound and moving book and I loved its focus on family. It’s also a lot of fun. Are You Seeing Me? is a wonderful little read that I really enjoyed. It’s the kind of book, similiar to ones like Wonder, that I would recommend to anyone." -

"A heartwarming and touching novel from Darren Groth, Are You Seeing Me? is a story about siblings, family, love and understanding." -

"Reading Are You Seeing Me?, I felt myself wanting to reach out and hug every character, tightly, the whole way through. The experience made my heart hurt in a special way . . . I think fans of Melina Marchetta (and basically anyone with a beating heart) will love this journey." - Kushla Egan,

"I absolutely adored this book. Mostly because Perry is such an incredibly lovable and original character but also because it was just so darn touching it made me cry tears of happiness … This is a powerful, beautifully written novel that explores the nature of love, the burden of grief and the challenges faced both by disabled people and their carers. But most of all, it's a novel about family." - Sarah McDuling,

"This memorable, beautifully written novel succeeds in making a mentally disabled character as convincing, empathetic, logical and lovable as his clever, socially mature twin sister . . . Both the surface story of their journey and the deeper exploration of the twins’ mutual love as each tries to do the best for the other are engaging." - Lyn Linning, Magpies

Darren Groth

Darren Groth

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Darren Groth now lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his Canadian wife and twelve-year-old twins. His books have been published on both sides of the Pacific and include Kindling and Most Valuable Potential. Darren's first YA novel, Are You Seeing Me?, has been shortlisted for several major awards including the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year, NSW Premier's Literary Awards, Queensland Literary Awards and the Governor General's Literary Awards in Canada. It was also selected as a White Ravens recommendation by the International Youth Library, and was an IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Selection 2015.

Darren, a former special education teacher, is passionate about promoting awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and he is the proud father of an ASD son. Darren finds inspiration in subjects close to his heart, and Are You Seeing Me? features twins from Brisbane – one disabled, the other his sole carer – on the road trip of a lifetime in British Columbia and Seattle.