Savvy!: The Modern Girl's Guide To Doing It All Without Risking It All

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A girl's guide to staying street smart by the expert presenters of Crimewatch.

Savvy!: The Modern Girl's Guide To Doing It All Without Risking It All, Fiona Bruce

Do you know how to take care of yourself? Not just the pedicures and the organic muesli but the real nitty gritty of looking out for yourself?Surrounded by a wealth of magazines, lifestyle books and makeover shows it's easy to find out how to be more glamorous, more successful and more in control of our destinies. But it's not so easy for us to find out how to keep ourselves safe. Our worlds now change so rapidly in terms of how we live, where we live and who we live with that there are no longer any guidelines for navigating our way through the everyday and, very occasionally, not-so-everyday dangers of modern living.Now, with Savvy!, all of that is set to change as Crimewatch presenters Fiona Bruce and Jacqui Hames provide us with their comprehensive and down-to-earth guide to negotiating the practical perils of the 21st Century. All aspects of female safety are covered – in the home, on your travels, in your finances, out on the town, in your workplace, in your relationships and in the increasing intimidating world of technology. Never patronising and always realistic – thankfully drinking more than 5 units of alcohol and staying out past midnight is still ok! – and packed full of personal anecdotes from the authors themselves, this book is about doing it all and having it all, without risking it all.

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  • eBook
    ISBN: 9781407034102
    Published: 01/09/2010
    Imprint: Transworld Digital
    Extent: 352 pages
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