The Diary of a Nobody

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Why should I not publish my diary? I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and I fail to see - because I do not happen to be a 'Somebody' - why my diary should not be interesting' Charles Pooter

Subject: Classics
The Diary of a Nobody, George Grossmith

Mr Charles Pooter is a respectable man. He has just moved into a very desirable home in Holloway with his dear wife Carrie, from where he commutes to his job of valued clerk at a reputable bank in the City. Unfortunately neither his dear friends Mr Cummings and Mr Gowing, nor the butcher, the greengrocer's boy and the Lord Mayor seem to recognise Mr Pooter's innate gentility, and his disappointing son Lupin has gone and got himself involved with a most unsuitable fiancee...George and Weedon Grossmith's comic novel, perfectly illustrated by Weedon, is a glorious, affectionate caricature of the English middle-class at the end of nineteenth century.

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    ISBN: 9780099540885
    Published: 01/07/2010
    Imprint: Vintage Classics
    Extent: 176 pages
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    ISBN: 9781409058212
    Published: 01/12/2010
    Imprint: Vintage Digital
    Extent: 176 pages
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