Madame Bovary

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Over 150 years since its first publication the power of Madame Bovary remains undiminished.Stunningly translated by Adam Thorpe, this edition brings us closer to Flaubert's original.

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Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert


‘A great novel that is also an inexhaustible pleasure to read' Guardian

Emma Bovary is an avid reader of sentimental novels; brought up on a Normandy farm and convent-educated, she longs for romance. At first, Emma pins her hopes on marriage, but life with her well-meaning husband in the provinces leaves her bored and dissatisfied. She seeks escape through extravagant spending sprees and, eventually, adultery. As Emma pursues her impossible reverie she seals her own ruin.

Madame Bovary is one of the greatest, most beguiling novels ever written.

‘Thorpe's new translation is stunning and heartily recommended

‘Thorpe's new translation is to die for'

‘[Thorpe's] hard work has yielded beauty. The rhythms are perfectly judged, unexpected enough to make the reader attend to every word'
Robert Chandler, TLS

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"Magnificent. I insist everyone reads Adam Thorpe's new translation." - Vogue

"A handsomely bound hardback edition that perfectly befits the beautiful new translation therein... we are pretty confident that Thorpe's bash at Bovary is a contender for the new best English version out there. Sensitive and musical, and simply and wittily annotated, it's got 'new classic' written all over it. Plus it's dressed in this really elegant embroidered design by Karen Nichols, so everything gangs up and makes it basically a must-buy." - Stuart Hammond, Dazed and Confused

"Flaubert's 1856 novel begins with marriage and what follows is the archetypal tale of a desperate housewife" - Daily Telegraph

"Mesmerising" - Independent

"The most scandalous novel of all time" - Playboy

"Madame Bovary is profoundly, shatteringly real" - Observer

"Fairy stories end with the lovers marrying and living happy ever after. Jane Austen's novels keep that pattern. The great realist novels study at length what happens after marriage, within marriages, within families and businesses. Madame Bovary... is both terrifying and simultaneously gleeful over its own accuracy" - A.S. Byatt

"This is an extraordinary, complex novel. Filled with romantic longings, Emma is a troubled wife married to a doctor in the French provinces and driven almost mad with boredom. In it, Flaubert drives deep into the female psyche exposing intimate, pitiful and, ultimately, destructive fantasies" - Elizabeth Buchan, Daily Express