Road Guide To Yosemite National Geographic

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Road Guide To Yosemite National Geographic, Jeremy Schmidt

In 2004, Yosemite received 3.3 million visitors, 500,000 more than Yellowstone - the road guide sold more than 11,000 copies in a year. This guide is completely dedicated to driving the parks, with mileage markers and sight-by-sight descriptions. This user-friendly guide follows the major roads in Yosemite National Park with detailed maps. Along the way the guide highlights the best locations to see stunning wildlife, such as bighorn sheep and black bear, where to spot breathtaking geological formations and the sites of key historical events. The maps also clearly indicate the camping, fishing, and boating locations within the park. The book's design eliminates a major frustration of other road guides - having to count odometer mileage and flip back and forth between maps and text. Here, the text and maps are contiguous, all the visitor needs to find is the road and starting point. They can then follow the maps and descriptions as they drive along.

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  • Trade Paperback
    $14.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9780792254850
    Published: 15/07/2006
    Imprint: National Geographic
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