The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC

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With sales of over 200 million albums, AC/DC is not just the biggest rock band in the world, it's a family business built by three brothers: George, Malcolm and Angus Young.

The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, Jesse Fink

With sales of over 200 million albums, AC/DC is not just the biggest rock band in the world.

It's a family business built by three brothers: George, Malcolm and Angus Young.

And, as with any business, some people prospered while others got hurt along the way.

The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC is unlike any AC/DC book you've read before. Less a biography, more a critical appreciation, it tells the story of the trio through 11 classic songs and reveals some of the personal and creative secrets that went into their making.

Important figures from AC/DC's long way to the top open up for the very first time, while unsung heroes behind the band's success are given the credit they are due.

Accepted accounts of events are challenged while sensational new details emerge to cast a whole new light on the band's history – especially their early years with Atlantic Records in the United States.

Former AC/DC members and musicians from bands such as Guns N' Roses, Dropkick Murphys, Airbourne and Rose Tattoo also give their perspectives on the Youngs' brand of magic.

Their music has never pulled its punches. Neither does The Youngs.

After 40 years, AC/DC might just have got the serious book it deserves.

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"Recent books [about AC/DC by Murray Engleheart and Mick Wall]... didn’t offer much to change our perception of the band. Jesse Fink’s study of the Young brothers takes a different approach... giving us a different version of many stories, especially when it comes to the wheeling and dealing behind the rock. Fink is clearly in love with AC/DC, but he knows the old bird has some warts under her make-up, and doesn’t shy away from revelations that cast the Youngs in a less than flattering light." - Matt Coyte, Rolling Stone

"Being an all-round nice guy is no prerequisite to getting rich. Jaw-dropping reinforcement of this point is about to hit your local bookstore in the form of The Youngs by Jesse Fink... this version of the George, Malcolm and Angus saga includes testimony to the power of the music – Fink is a huge AC/DC fan and credits their songs with getting him through a divorce – but of most interest is the sheer business bloody-mindedness of the trio.
Fink tracks down former bandmates, managers and associates who feel they were cut adrift by the Youngs once their financial usefulness had past. He also details a web of tax shelters and savvy merchandising deals that belie the brothers’ yob-rock image. One casualty along the Youngs’ road to the top was the guy who designed their iconic logo in 1977, Gerard Huerta. A Rosetta Stone of rock, the logo has undoubtedly made many of the Youngs’ millions by itself, but Huerta has never received royalties." - Michael Bailey, BRW Magazine

"The best book I’ve ever read about AC/DC." - Mark Evans, Bass player of AC/DC, 1975–’77

"Exploring the reasons why AC/DC shot to fame, why their music remains popular, what makes AC/DC unique, is at the heart of this book. Seeking the opinions of industry experts and insiders, Fink reveals some of the behind-the-scenes secrets and little known facts about the band’s development and management, exposing the crises, the arguments, the betrayals and the controversies. Fink also spends some time tracing AC/DC’s relationship with Atlantic Records and their entry into the US music scene.
An accessible read, offering plenty of well researched details, The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC is a book for ardent fans and music aficionados, and the head-banging ‘bogan’ that still lurks beneath the present-day, middle-class veneer." - Shelleyrae Cusbert, Book’d Out (Australia)

"Three brothers, 40 years and some 200 million albums – this is the story of George, Malcolm and Angus Young, the boys behind AC/DC. While a lot’s been written about them over the years, this provides a definitive history of the trio, with accounts from rockers Guns N’ Roses, among others." - GQ Magazine Australia

"A great read." - Leila McKinnon, Weekend Today, Channel Nine (Australia)

Jesse Fink

Jesse Fink

Jesse Fink is the author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC and two other books, Laid Bare: One Man's Story of Sex, Love and Other Disorders and 15 Days in June: How Australia Became a Football Nation.

He lives in Sydney with his daughter.