Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

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'GOOD TO GREAT is about turning good results into great results; BUILT TO LAST is about turning great results into an enduring great company' Jim Collins

Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, James Collins

‘This is not a book about charismatic visionary leaders. It is not about visionary product concepts or visionary products or visionary market insights. Nor is it about just having a corporate vision. This is a book about something far more important, enduring, and substantial. This is a book about visionary companies.'Drawing upon a six-year research project at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Collins and Porras took eighteen truly exceptional and long-lasting companies and studied each company in direct comparison to one of its top competitors. They examined the companies from their very beginnings to the present day – as start-ups, as midsize companies and as large corporations. Throughout, the authors asked: ‘What makes the truly exceptional companies different from other companies?' Filled with hundreds of specific examples and organized into a coherent framework of practical concepts that can be applied by managers and entrepreneurs at all levels, BUILT TO LAST provides a master blueprint for building organizations that will prosper long into the twenty-first century and beyond.

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  • Hardback
    $49.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9781844135844
    Published: 03/10/2005
    Imprint: Random House Business
    Extent: 368 pages
  • CD
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    ISBN: 9781856868785
    Published: 01/11/2005
    Imprint: Audiobooks
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"'Built to Last is an unusual business book - seriously researched, unconventional in its conclusions...[It] is well worth reading, particularly by those engaged in trying to reinvigorate our nation's largest enterprises.' " - Richard J. Tofel, Wall Street Journal

"'In Built to Last, Collins and Porras present a brilliant and lucid analysis and, yes, a blueprint for organizational excellence. It should be required reading.'" - Warren Bennis

"'One of the most eye-opening business studies since In Search of Excellence.'" - Kevin Maney, USA Today