Flight Of The Titans

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‘A compulsive tale of skulduggery told in a vividly readable style' Glasgow Herald

Flight Of The Titans, Kenny Kemp

The gripping story of the biggest trade war in aviation history. In October 2007, the colossal Airbus A380, the largest commercial jet in history, will take to the skies. This gigantic double-decker is the first real competitor to Boeing's iconic 747 Jumbo Jet. Meanwhile, Boeing has thrown its weight behind the smaller 787 Deamliner, an aircraft whose emphasis is on fuel economy and reduced emissions. The future of commercial air travel is in the balance, and the outcome is difficult to predict.

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  • Trade Paperback
    $39.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9780753510148
    Published: 01/10/2007
    Imprint: Virgin Books
    Extent: 280 pages
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