Overdue New Releases

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Overdue New Releases, Matt Johnson

WITH STREET-WISE, street-weary, yet disarmingly self-deprecating humour, Mark Penny recounts the days-of-his-life as a video store clerk in gritty, grubby inner urban Wellington. Mark darkly wisecracks his way through an ordinary week of customer service that takes in Yummie Mummies, art house boffins and blue movie addicts.This ordinary week is also Mark's friend, Ben's, last as his co-worker. Ben is off to a scintillating career path as a lawyer, while Mark is fast heading in the opposite direction: almost 30, living at home with his parents and messing up his current relationship.How did it all go wrong? Mark searches in vain for the redemptive ending, the myths or morals to live a life by. After all, he looks back on Star Wars and waiting for the high school bus as emotional pinnacles.This novel smartly echoes some of its own subject matter, with edge-of-the-seat, good-guy, bad-guy action, and with themes of lost innocence and the corruption of the adult world.A melancholic undertow rears as the novel gradually reveals just how harshly the adolescent world was taken from these two young men.Overdue New Releases will appeal to the cinema-literate, media-savvy 18 to 30 year old readership. Intensely comic and cinematic, Overdue New Releases is a Catch-22 for anyone who's ever been pistol-whipped by a Play Station controller or lost a membership card. It's a romanticthriller-comedy-drama.

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  • Paperback
    $34.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9781877361425
    Published: 15/06/2008
    Imprint: Longacre Press
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