Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories

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“Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged... I was suddenly struck through the heart by a cold thrill of terror “- Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Subject: Classics
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories, Robert Louis Stevenson

How thin is the line between good and evil?Dr Jekyll has been experimenting with his identity. He has developed a drug which separates the two sides of his nature and allows him to occasionally abandon himself to his most corrupt inclinations as the monstrous Mr Hyde. But gradually he begins to find that the journey back to goodness becomes more and more difficult, and the risk that Mr Hyde will break free entirely from Dr Jekyll's control puts all of London in grave peril.

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    ISBN: 9780099511588
    Published: 03/12/2007
    Imprint: Vintage Classics
    Extent: 256 pages
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    Published: 01/09/2010
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"Mr Hyde's sordid and perhaps deviant excesses are rendered more suggestive through being left undescribed" - Sarah Waters

"A fable that lies nearer to poetry than to ordinary prose fiction" - Vladimir Nabokov

"Robert Louis Stevenson...was a storyteller, that's what I'd like to be, that's what I'm trying to be" - Quintin Jardine

"Jekyll and Hyde, in particular, is such an important novel in terms of suspense and setting a perfect scene for crime" - Alanna Knight

"Writers I love: Ellroy, Larry Block, Robert Louis Stevenson, Muriel Spark, Anthony Burgess, Chandler... '[Edinburgh] was the city of Jekyll & Hyde, where the template for that story was a real-life Edinburgh character named Deacon William Brodie, who was a gentleman by day and a burglar and murderer by night. He gave Stevenson his story" - Ian Rankin

"Another genius Scottish take on the theme of split personalities. Needs no further introduction" - Maggie O’Farrell

"Stevenson's short stories are certain to retain their position in English literature. His serious rivals are few indeed" - Arthur Conan Doyle