Monash: The Outsider Who Won A War

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‘Compelling and wholly absorbing... among the most remarkable Australians of his time' NSW Premier Bob Carr, Australian Jewish News.

Monash: The Outsider Who Won A War, Roland Perry

Australian general Sir John Monash changed the way wars were fought and won. When the British and German high commands of the First World War failed to gain ascendency after fours years of slaughter never before seen in human history, Monash used innovative techniques and modern technology to plan and win major battles, forcing Germany to capitulate.His obsessional, brilliant planning, coupled with a ruthless streak, caused him to break the German army in a succession of battles that led to the end of the Great War.Author Roland Perry brings to life the fascinating story of the man whom many have judged as the greatest-ever Australian. Monash: The Outsider Who Won A War draws on the subject's comprehensive letter and diary archive - one of the largest in Australia's history. The result is a riveting portrait that reaches to the heart of the true Monash character. It weaves together the many strands of his life as a family man, student, engineer, businessman, lawyer, renaissance man, teacher, soldier, leader, romantic and lover of the arts.

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Roland Perry

Roland Perry

Roland Perry has published 27 books in a range of genres including biography, politics, espionage, history (WW1 and WW2), sport and fiction.
He is the only author to write comprehensive books on the two main Fronts of the Great War 1914-1918---
MONASH: The Outsider Who a War---on the Western Front;
And THE AUSTRALIAN LIGHT HORSE, which covered the complete story of the Eastern Front, including the factual exploits of T E Lawrence.

His other four war books are:


His 26th book, BILL THE BASTARD, the story of Australia's greatest war-horse, was published in November 2012 and was chosen as one of 50 top reads in 2013 in the national Get Reading! program. His 27th book—HORRIE---was published in November 2013 and like BILL, is already a national best-seller.

Perry's 28th book, QUEEN VICTORIA'S SECRET will be published in October this year.
Perry has written biographies on US KGB agent, Michael Whitney Straight (LAST OF THE COLD WAR SPIES), British espionage agent Victor Rothschild (THE FIFTH MAN), and for relief, actor Mel Gibson. Perry's political books include HIDDEN POWER---the Programming of the President, about the election and Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Perry's works on sport include the number one bestseller and definitive work on Sir Donald Bradman, THE DON, and most recently, The Changi Brownlow (sport and war). This was short-listed for the Australian Booksellers Industry Award for non-fiction (2010).
His other biographies have covered a variety of characters, including General Sir John Monash (MONASH), Wilfred Burchett (THE EXILE), Keith Miller (MILLER'S LUCK), Peter Chitty (CHANGI BROWNLOW) and Shane Warne (BOLD WARNIE).
Perry began his writing career as a journalist on The Age Melbourne from 1969 to 1973. After five years in England making documentary films, he had his first book, a novel---PROGRAM FOR A PUPPET---published in 1979. It was an international best-seller that was translated into eight languages. Educated at Scotch College Melbourne, Perry has an Economics degree from Monash University (1972). His awards include: the Frederick Blackham Exhibition Prize in Journalism at Melbourne University (1969); the 2004 Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Award for non-fiction with Monash: The Outsider Who Won A War; and Cricket Biography of the Year [2006] from the UK Cricket Society for Miller's Luck, a biography of all-rounder, Keith Miller. (The UK Daily Mail judged this as ‘Sports book of the year' in 2006.) In October 2011 Perry was made a Fellow of Monash University. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia ‘for service to literature as an author' in June 2011. He was a member of the National Archives of Australia's Advisory Council 2006-2012. He is a member of the General Sir John Monash Foundation, the KK Club, a director of The Spirit of Australia Foundation, and a coterie member of the Murrumbeena Football Club. Monash University bestowed a Professorship on Roland Perry in October 2012 and he is the University's first Writer-in-Residence, lecturing PhDs and PhD aspirants on all aspects of writing, and Australian history.