Click: The Power of Instant Connections

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From the New York Times bestselling authors, discover how and why we 'click' with some people and some activities but not with others

Click: The Power of Instant Connections, Rom Brafman

In a book that combines psychology and sociology with an insightful understanding of human interactions, Ori and Rom Brafman have written a compelling narrative that helps us to understand the magic behind those moments when we form an incredible connection with other people, or which cause us to become fully engaged in whatever we are doing.In a page-turning narrative in the fashion of their previous book, Sway, the co-authors explore those peak moments in our lives when people or hobbies or activities fully engage our attention – when they ‘click' with us. Drawing from recent research in psychology and sociology, and told through the same kinds of engaging stories that made Sway a New York Times bestseller, Click takes us on a roller coaster journey of discovery into those moments in our lives when we are ‘in the zone' – when the rest of the world drops away and everything seems to fall into place.

Available Formats

  • Paperback
    $19.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9780753539408
    Published: 01/09/2011
    Imprint: Virgin Books
    Extent: 224 pages
  • eBook
    ISBN: 9780753547762
    Published: 01/09/2011
    Imprint: Virgin Digital
    Extent: 224 pages
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