The Women's Health Book

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The definitive guide to health and wellbeing for every Australian woman in each stage of her life.

Book Setting: Melbourne, Australia
The Women's Health Book,

As a woman, looking after your health is the most important step you can take towards creating a healthy, happy family and a thriving community. But in today's busy world, with so many demands on your time, it's not always easy to find information you can trust.

The Women's Health Book is written specifically for women by health professionals who specialise in women's health. The Royal Women's Hospital is the largest health facility specialising in women's health in Australia and is well placed to help you look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Here you'll find information and advice for every stage of your life, from adolescence through to older age. Covering everything from periods, sexuality, bullying and diet to pregnancy, mental health, cancer and arthritis, this is an essential reference book for every Australian woman's shelf.

It is designed to help you participate as an equal partner in your health care. Armed with the facts, you will be empowered to ask more questions and then make better choices that can help to improve your health, reduce any risks you face, and even prevent future health problems.

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  • Trade Paperback
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    ISBN: 9781742757247
    Published: 01/04/2014
    Imprint: William Heinemann Australia
    Extent: 816 pages
  • eBook
    ISBN: 9781742757254
    Published: 01/04/2014
    Imprint: RHA eBooks Adult
    Extent: 816 pages
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The theme of this year's International Women’s Day is 'Inspiring change', and the Royal Women’s Hospital is hoping to inspire women to change their attitudes to their health and reduce the number of Australian women whose deaths are avoidable with the publication of their book, THE WOMEN’S HEALTH BOOK. Here is four small changes you can make today.

It’s not surprising that the health of women today is a reflection of our larger environment. That includes both the macro- and micro-environments before conception, in utero, during birth and breastfeeding, through infancy and beyond. Physical, mental and emotional environments are all included, with food, air and water being the most obvious, but with family, relationships and society playing an...