Cat In The Hat: If I Ran The Dog Show: Colour First Reader

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A brand new riotous rhyme featuring the all-time classic children's character, The Cat in the Hat!

Cat In The Hat: If I Ran The Dog Show: Colour First Reader, Tish Rabe

Set off to the Short-Shaggy-Tail-Waggy Super Dog Show with Sally, Nick and The Cat in the Hat!

Meet dogs of all different shapes and sizes and learn all about how tails help dogs to balance; that they can see better in dim light than we can; the amazing things they've been trained to do; and much, much more.

There are tons of fascinating dog facts, all told in a rhythmically rhyming story that will keep children captivated for hours!

This fun and exciting story is perfect for early readers who are comfortable tackling new words and starting to read on their own.

Available Formats

  • Paperback
    $8.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9780857511140
    Published: 01/07/2012
    Imprint: Bantam Children
    Extent: 40 pages
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