Pearlie in the Park 10 Year Edition

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A very special anniversary edition!

Series: Pearlie
Guidance: Ages up to 5
Pearlie in the Park 10 Year Edition, Wendy Harmer

A very special anniversary edition!

Pearlie looks after Jubilee Park and it keeps her very busy. Every day she makes the slippery dip slippery, opens all the flowers, polishes the dragonflies' wings, and looks after all the animals who live in the park. But one day she wakes up to find everything topsy-turvy. Hurly-burly! What can have gone wrong? It's up to Pearlie to find out . . .

A delightfully funny urban fairytale, Pearlie In The Park is perfect for new and emerging readers.

Available Formats

  • Paperback
    $9.99 RRP
    ISBN: 9781742759388
    Published: 02/01/2013
    Imprint: Random House Australia Children's
    Extent: 48 pages
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Wendy Harmer

Wendy Harmer

Wendy Harmer began her career as a journalist and has had a hugely successful career in comedy – on stage, television and radio. She has written many scripts for television and theatre, and numerous books for adults. I Lost My Mobile At The Mall is Wendy's first novel for teens. Her Pearlie In The Park books – a series for young readers – are bestsellers in Australia and have been published in ten countries around the world. Wendy has written for and co-produced the hit TV animation series of Pearlie. Wendy lives in Sydney with her husband, Brendan, and their two children, Marley and Maeve.