Custom Publishing

With big brand names and bestselling authors across a variety of genres, Random House Australia can repackage our titles or create new content to suit your requirements.

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Custom Publishing

Here's what we can do

  • Add a company logo to brand a book
  • Include additional branded content
  • Create an exclusive edition with new content
  • Re-size a book to fit with product packaging
  • Create deluxe editions for gifts and rewards
  • Custom publishing – create your own book
  • Book and premium – for added value

Australian War Diary

Custom Publishing

Random House Australia worked with a customer to create The Australian War Diary, a rich account of the major military events of recent Australian history from 1870 to the present day.

Every element of this exclusive hardback book was tailored to the customer’s requirements. We sourced all the content and images, created the cover image and also produced the book in a format that was suitable for the customer’s purposes.


Custom Publishing

We worked with The Marketing Zoo, an Australian marketing company to create this exclusive Tea Brewer’s Guide for their client Lipton. The book will be used as a gift with purchase incentive for an upcoming Lipton promotion.

Here’s how the book was used to promote the Lipton brand:

  • Content and images, specific to the Lipton brand, were collated to create an entirely new product
  • Increased brand awareness through an iconic branded book, unavailable elsewhere in the retail market
  • Customer loyalty was rewarded with an exclusive gift

What we can do

Sales Enquiries
Promotions and Brands

Promotions & Brands

Books have a high perceived value and a long shelf life, so by choosing the right book to match your product, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Memorable and unique, books are an ideal gift for thanking a valued client, celebrating a company milestone, or rewarding a hard-working employee.