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Oliver of the Levant, Debra Jopson 0 stars 3 comments
Rosetta: A Scandalous True Story, Alexandra Joel 0 stars 5 comments
Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez 5 stars 7 comments
Greenpeace Captain: My Adventures in Protecting the Future of Our Planet, Peter Willcox with Ronald B. Weiss 0 stars 0 comments
Special, Georgia Blain 0 stars 3 comments
Escaping Mr Right, Avril Tremayne 0 stars 0 comments
Coasting, Ben Karwan 5 stars 0 comments
The Otto Bin Empire: Clive's Story, Judy Nunn 0 stars 0 comments
Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics, Chris Grabenstein 0 stars 2 comments
How To Stop an Alien Invasion Using Shakespeare, Nick Falk 0 stars 0 comments

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Escaping Mr Right, Avril Tremayne 0 stars 0 comments
The Billionaire's Christmas Gift, Cheryl Adnams 0 stars 0 comments
The Otto Bin Empire: Clive's Story, Judy Nunn 0 stars 0 comments
The Day We Met: Four short meet cute love stories, Cheryl Adnams, Vanda Vadas, Avril Tremayne, Sue-Ellen Pashley 0 stars 0 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 1, Michelle Somers 5 stars 10 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 2, Michelle Somers 5 stars 5 comments
The Pirate Lord, Vanda Vadas 5 stars 2 comments
Common Ground, Cheryl Adnams 5 stars 3 comments
Northern Lights: His Dark Materials 1, Philip Pullman 5 stars 1 comments
The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials 2, Philip Pullman 5 stars 3 comments
The Amber Spyglass: His Dark Materials 3, Philip Pullman 5 stars 6 comments
Aquila, Sue-Ellen Pashley 5 stars 2 comments
Wanting Mr Wrong, Avril Tremayne 5 stars 3 comments
Dead Time: A DC Max Wolfe Short Story, Tony Parsons 4 stars 1 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 3, Michelle Somers 4 stars 3 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 4, Michelle Somers 4 stars 3 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 5, Michelle Somers 4 stars 2 comments
Lethal in Love: Episode 6, Michelle Somers 4 stars 3 comments

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eBook FAQ's

What is an eBook?

 An eBook is really just another format like the hardback format and paperback format. An eBook is a digital version that can be downloaded and read in a variety of ways, on a variety of devices: they can be read on desktop or laptop computers, on certain PDAs, Smartphones and on dedicated eBook reading devices such as Kindles, iPads Kobo Readers, Sony Readers etc.

What is an e-reader?

An e-reader (also called e-book reader, e-book device) is a portable electronic device dedicated to presenting ebooks in an easy-to-read digital format. An average e-reader will store thousands of books at a time.


Most are able to connect and browse the internet wirelessly. Some models can connect to cell phone 3g networks just like smart phones.


There are hundreds of different types of e-readers on the market, however,  the most common models used in New Zealand are the Kindle, Sony Reader and Kobo. 


Most ereaders have electronic ink screens (eInk). Meaning they have the appearance of paper and don't strain eyes like traditional computer screens. This is because the screen reflects light, rather than projects it like LCD monitors on phones and computer monitors. Currently eInk only comes in black and white which restricts what sorts of books are ideal for the technology (colourful illustrated books don't look good on them). eInk screens use very little power to run and some readers can last an entire month before needing another charge.


There are also ereaders on the market which use traditional LCD screens. They of course are able to view colour heavy books and images with much better quality, but as LCD screens need much more power to run, they tend to require recharging everyday.

What is a tablet?

 Tablets are a device commonly used for reading ebooks (also called tablet personal computer, or tablet PC) and are a hybrid of a personal computer or laptop and a smart-phone.


Tablets use traditional computing software and presentation. They tend to be touch screen operated and can fulfill the role of a simplistic home computer. However, they lack the complexity and power that Windows or Mac OS requires so advanced computer users should do their research before throwing out their PC in favour of a tablet. 


The Apple iPad is the most notable of these devices, but other companies make them, such as Samsung's Galaxy, Amazon's Kindle Fire or HP's Compaq tablets and more besides. 


Tablets require full ranges of colour and touch capability so therefore need LCD screens. As LCD screens project light they can be viewed in very low light.  The combination of computing power, LCD screen and larger battery requirements makes tablets considerably heavier than ereaders. Also, due to high power consumption the battery life of a tablet is much less than an eInk capable e-reader, and tend to require recharge every day or so depending on usage. That said, like most electronic devices, each progressive generation of tablet is getting lighter in weight, longer life batteries and more powerful. 


PC computers, laptops and smart-phones are also able to read e-reader files, though a reader app is required and due to the lack of convenience of a PC or the small screen size of a phone. the reading experience is much less satisfying and intuitive than when using an e-reader or tablet.

Why buy an eBook?

 eBooks can be stored on your computer or eBook reader and carried wherever you want. eBooks can be downloaded quickly, have features that allow you to search for text, look up words in a dictionary, and some readers allow you to make notes and some may contain extra content. If reading an eBook on a device connected to the internet, some hyperlinks could be active, and you will be able to click through to the link.

How many eBooks does Random House Australia have?

 We currently have approximately 14,000+ eBooks ready to read, including international and Australian titles, and an ongoing eBook program of new releases. Click here to see a selection of the exciting titles available now in eBook format!

What format are Random House Australia eBooks in?

 Our eBooks are available in ePub format. An ePub (electronic publication) is a free and open eBook standard for 'reflowable' content, meaning that the text display can be optimized depending on the device or hardware being used. It has been embraced by most publishing and technology companies around the world.

Will Random House Australia release eBooks to coincide with the publication of the physical book?

 Yes. Our goal is to minimise delay and to release eBooks at the same time as the new physical book hits bookshops, so that you have greater choice.

Will Random House Australia release illustrated eBooks?

 Yes but currently we only have a limited range available. We are still investigating ways to publish more illustrated eBooks, including children's picture books, that will be of a high standard and hope to have more available shortly.

Will Random House publish tailored eBooks, eBooks with enhanced content, or re-work existing physical books into new eBook editions, iPhone/iPod Apps?

Yes. We are actively investigating and pursuing new eBook ideas. We have published a number of Apps including the bestselling, Nigella Quick Collection App and the official Random House New Books App. Stay tuned for more new exciting releases!

What price are Random House Australia eBooks?

 The retail prices of our eBooks are displayed by retailers and may vary.

Where can I purchase Random House eBooks?

Our titles are available through 20 ebook partners including: Amazon's International Kindle, Baker & Taylor, Bookworld, Copia, eBooks.com, Fishpond, Gardners, Ingram Digital, iTunes iBookstore, Google Play, KOBO, JB Hi-Fi, and many other Australian ebook retailers.

Click here to see a selection of the exciting eBook titles available.

I can't find the book I want to buy in eBook format, why isn't it available?

At Random House our aim is to have all our books available to purchase in eBook format as quickly as possible. However, there are a number of processes that need to be completed before a book can be made into an eBook, including approval from the author and agent, conversion to the appropriate eBook format, and delivery to suppliers. Some of these processes can take longer than expected. If you would like more information on a particular title or author, please contact us at customerservice@randomhouse.com.au.

Why is the book I want to buy available as an eBook in other countries, but not available in Australia?

Some books are published by various publishing companies throughout different regions of the world. Each company will have their own eBook publishing schedule and will need to seek approval from the author or agent to publish a book into eBook format in their particular region. At Random House our aim is to have all our books available to purchase in eBook format as quickly as possible, but we must first ensure that the appropriate author/agent approval is completed in order for the eBook conversion to take place. If you would like more information on a particular title or author, please contact us on customerservice@randomhouse.com.au.