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Quirky, funny and more-ish Young readers will devour these stories! Quirky, funny and more-ish
Santa has a top secret mission But will he miss Christmas this year? Santa has a top secret mission
Hit a hot lunch spot in LA With the one and only Lauren Kate! Hit a hot lunch spot in LA
Keep little hands busy With our Lulu Bell Christmas Kit! Keep little hands busy

Featured Books


Brotherband 5: Scorpion Mountain, John Flanagan 5 stars 3 comments
Waterfall, Lauren Kate 5 stars 2 comments
Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book, Diane Muldrow 0 stars 0 comments
The Roald Dahl Treasury, Roald Dahl 0 stars 0 comments
Magisterium: The Iron Trial, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black 4 stars 4 comments
Alice-Miranda at Camp 10, Jacqueline Harvey 0 stars 0 comments
Alice-Miranda 2015 Diary, Jacqueline Harvey 0 stars 0 comments
Alice-Miranda At School 1, Jacqueline Harvey 5 stars 19 comments
The Icicle Illuminarium, N.J. Gemmell 5 stars 1 comments
Wonder, R J Palacio 5 stars 26 comments



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